“Unfolding like a modern film noir and pulsing with the rhythm and wit of the pulp classics that inspired it, “Vintage Connor” transports you from the gritty streets of Oakland to the pebbled beaches of Monterey, and will excite anyone who loves a crackling good yarn.”

- Sandy Lu, L. Perkins Agency


“Baty’s book is a taut thriller — tightly written, fast paced and cinematic. You really care about Connor, the tough ex-cop with integrity. And Oakland in all its grit and contradiction is the perfect setting for Connor and his adversaries. It’s a great read — I can’t wait for the next one!”

- Susan Gangel


“Kick off your shoes and prepare to stay up all night, because once Robert Baty gets his hands on you, you won’t put this novel down. Baty has voice and his hero has attitude, and VINTAGE CONNOR is one hell of a ride.”

- Lynn Hightower, author of WHEN SECRETS DIE


“Author Robert Baty obviously knows the cop world and the car world, and probably a couple of others he wishes he didn’t . . . he writes short chapters filled with noir, grit, street language and lots of action.”

- Portland Book Review


“Robert Baty has written an exciting mystery novel . . . .”

- BestsellersWorld.com


“Noir often sounds like an over-the-top attempt to be a gangster from the 50s. Not so with Baty. The novel is about fast babes and faster cars, but he flawlessly sets the mood with realistic dialog and descriptions that pull you right into the scenes.”

- The GenreReview


“It has been a long time since I enjoyed a book this much. The writing style made me feel as though I was in an old Humphrey Bogart story (without the word dame being used).”

- Melissa Koltes


“’Vintage Connor’ is a throwback classic noir containing a touch of sleuth, a dame, classic cars and a corpse. The story line is fast-paced from the moment [the dame] arrives to rev up Connor’s “locomotion”; as once a cop always a cop. Action-packed, sub-genre fans will enjoy touring the vintage car world with Connor as our guide.”

- Harriet Klausner, The Mystery Gazette[


Somewhere in noir heaven Raymond Chandler is smiling down on Robert Baty, nodding his head, and saying, ‘That’s the way you do it, son.’”

- Al Riske, author of Sabrina’s Window and Precarious


“Robert Baty’s first novel is a winner in every way. The story grabs the reader’s attention from the first and never lets down on the action or suspense. There is always something happening in every scene that keeps the reader riveted and wondering what is going to happen next.”

- Edie Dykeman, Bella Online


“A sizzling debut set against the backdrop of vintage car collecting, VINTAGE CONNOR is a riveting, race-to-the- finish read from a dynamic new voice in the world of mystery.”

- Book Spotlight 


“Robert Baty has written an exciting mystery novel that I hope will just be the first one in a series of Connor stories.”

- Mysteries Galore


“Novels with a motoring theme are invariably terrible – so the fact this one is set against the background of California’s Monterey week made us fear for the worst. in fact, we rather enjoyed it. Written in true pulp fiction style, there are some good one-liners – ‘she’d added a few pounds since the last time Connor saw her, but it looked like she’d found all the right places to put them’ – and crime novel in-jokes, such as a motel called the Nite Owl, after the notorious diner in “LA Confidential.” Pebble Beach regulars will particularly enjoy this tale of ex-cop Ray Connor, who’s roped into investigating the death of a runaway girl, against a background of stolen classics, hookers and corrupt collectors.”

- Mark Dixon, Octane Magazine